For Personal Use Only?

Will there be Andromo for making app just for yourself? Like i want to make an app with which i can easily access my University pages without needing 3 Chrome tabs or like making one to organize my day etc etc. We are talking for apps which you wont sell anywhere and you wont monetize because its just for you. Will there be a service like that where you can get like 10-20 projects for free or something like that? Im talking strictly personal use only. 


  • well, u can use andromo for personal use. Just hit new project and start creating app for yourself. 

    Like I have a nephew with Down syndrome. So whenever I need to know more about it, I just open the app and read as well as show others what is this syndrome and how it can affect the child. I don't monetize it. It's just for personal use.
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    @imcdestroyer99 you can make apps for personal use. At the moment, you can create 1 free app without a paid subscription. To make more, you need to sign up for a subscription. We now have monthly billing so you can choose that option if you need to manage your payments month-to-month.
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