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  • @kellmalves Looking good!

    @airil Yeah. Guess we'll just have to wait a bit longer for the official announcement.
  • Has anyone done the migration yet? What do you get? Is everything still working?
  • Hello Andromo, Are we going to support banner ads type for Appbrain and Applovin? any reason why there is no option to enable banner ads with Applovin and Appbrain? Thanks
  • @Devstudika Thanks for your suggestion, we will add it to our feature list.
  • @andromoappmaker please make interstitial ads interval under 2 minutes or implemented admob native ads. Thanks
  • Hi! I am currently waiting for the upcoming andromo features so I have not renewed the service. I am really looking forward to and hope to create an application on the platform for iOS. thanks.
  • Need to add a few features

     Hello andromo's support team. Thanks to you for adding a few features integrated rss feed filter include:

     Module for finding posts in rss feed in the app, showing the number of unread posts, read posts, favorite posts, delete one or all posts in each feed, share posts, sort posts include new to old, old to new, resized articles ...

     In the rss feed feed configuration section, the app builder needs to add: choose to show the number of posts on an rss feed, select the number of automatic cleaning of unread or read posts, temporarily move them That's all because I think these features are very necessary. I hope you support the update Thank you:

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    Top 3 request from Andromo users;

    No.1 Ability to make favourites in apps

    No.2 - Sub-menus

    No.3 - Search

    And Andromo means Android..

    So, forget iOS apps and bring android apps to the right level first.

    Thank You

  • Yeah. I'mm totally agree with @k3000

  • Agree with @k3000 . Let's focus improvement on android optimization. I request for automatic play next episode option in podcast activity. And upgrade maximum file size in html archive to 50 mb. Thank you.

  • Why don't you add API base activites, bookmark, search bar, etc features ?

    Your platform is lagging behind. No special improvement observed for last few years.

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