I just created my first app. It looks "ok" but it doesn't allow the user to interact with it. (i.e. input text, use calculator, etc.) all you can do is view the Activities but you can't do anything. How do you make buttons and also allow users to input text?


  • @codersclub If you want to add input interaction to your app you should take a look at using the HTML Archive activity, Custom Page, or sending your users to a well designed mobile website using the Web site activity.

  • I was wondering if Andromo offered an "easy" or drag-n-drop way to do this. Using the HTML Archive activity I would still have to code for it to happen. This is not a big problem, but I was just wondering if they offered it.
  • I have another question also, can I input code from Microsoft Visual Basic?
  • @codersclub sorry, there is no drag-n-drop HTML editor or Visual Basic support in Andromo.
  • yeah this is the part i am worried about. Andromo would be rich if they covered interaction. The next bill gates
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