Faults and ANR

Gentlemen of Andromo I want to complain very strongly, since my application Audiocuentos Infantiles that a week ago I sent you that presents many problems, continues having those problems.

This is causing that in the first place I no longer have so many installations and worse that the uninstallations are now much bigger than the installations.

That means my income is down, and you haven't done anything to help me fix that problem.

I urgently need you to do an exhaustive review of the application so that I can do an update that avoids the problems that arise and that the application returns to the performance that was presenting the last two months.

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  • what are the problems in ur app?
  • IllegalStateException en AudioIntentReceiver.onReceive       
    NullPointerException en AndromoActivity$4.a                      
    InflateException en Audio454838.setCntentView
    IllegalStateException en cj.f
    IllegalStateException en ci.f
    IllegalStateException en of.onTransact

  • @nefertiti_218 Please create a ticket in our support here and we try to resolve your problem.
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