Custom page


I made a custom page. On the custom page I made some buttons to display. When I click on some button I link to a website. So I made a hyperlink for every button. But I want to download the webpage within the app. Now it goes to the webbrowser on my Galaxy S2. When I click on hyperlink I got different options, like<not set>, <popup window>, <same_window> etc. But I tried all kind but the website always goes to my webbrowser and do not load the webpage in my app. What are the functions of these options. I could not find that on the site. There is also an tab advanced. This has also different options like <id>, <access key> etc. What does these options mean. I also could not find that on the site.

If I want to make a button on my front page which go to a page with buttons which links to different websiteadresses, do I have to make a HTML Archive page? If yes, will the links to the webpages be up to date if I link within html with a href or how should I solve this problem and is it possible to load the website within the app and not in the webbrowser of the mobile?

I hope you can help me with this.



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