Still waiting for the Interstitial Ad Time Between Ads - 30s & 45s! Dear Andromo Team,Please reply!

Dear Andromo Team, Glad you made your own Andromo Ads Platform..I am really looking forward to monetizing my apps with Andromo Ads. But Please bring back 30s/45s time for the  Interstitial Ad Settings. At least add 1 Minute. I have updated some of my apps with the 30s & 45s when you introduced those time gaps and the revenue is really good so far for those apps. But Now I want to roll out some updates for those apps. But I know my revenue will go down if I update those apps with 2 Minutes time gap. So Please consider this. I know I am not the only person who love to see the 30s,45s & 1 Minute Time Gaps again. As I told before. At lease consider about 1 Minute Time Gap!

Thank you!


  • Hi @androruvee
    Andromo Ads offers interstitial with the very 30s/60s setting. I really recommend you to try - your app performance and revenue will bump up significantly! 

    Feel free to email me at, we will enable the new option for you asap!
  • @daria_andromo I have already enabled Andromo ads on 3 of my apps. I will wait for the results. But can you please consider adding at least 1 min time Gap on  Interstitial Ad Settings.
  • @androruvee Shortly after Andromo Ads is all set up, we will be considering more options. Stay tuned for the new updates!
  • This was the update on April 9

    Update info:
    We should note with regret, that with the implementation of more customizable interstitial timings, we were confronted with the problem of many builds failed in our users.
    So for now, we are returning old interstitial ad timings until we solve this problem.
    Thank you for your understanding, your Andromo team.

    The option for 15 seconds or 30 seconds was turned off but thought Andromo was doing everything to get it back but reading this from @androruvee (Shortly after Andromo Ads is all set up, we will be considering more options. Stay tuned for the new updates!)

    I have being thinking all this time Andromo was solving this problem with interstitial timings. To me Admob is my only source of payment from my apps that I want and nothing else I will add. I message support back in April and they said they are going to fix it and 10 weeks later I read this from @androruvee

    Please fix interstitial timings for 15 seconds or 30 seconds asap. I wish I left my apps as they where and not paid for another 12 months because of this.
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