How to moneytize daily content without ads

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I learned how to make an rss feed, I learned how to use an rss feed within Andromo, but I miss the pice to secure the content for paying customers only.

RSS is only one way, but it seems whatever you do, you come to the point, that I need to deliver a certain content to only paying customers.

Please give me a hint



  • @elmit2015 The easiest way to do this would be to use different links and activities in two separate apps. The free app gets the limited content, and the paid app gets the full content.

  • I did not word it correct, .. how can I protect that the paid content is not leaking with the api out to the public?
    Or how do I get the content into the application other than rss ??? A static content is not in my mind.
    A database in the api is currently not available.

    So how????
  • It would be up to you to protect your content on your website so that it's not available to the public, if you are using RSS. Other then that you could use the Website activity.

  • On my app i host a simple html with dynamic content that changes regularly. But u could also use google docs and make a txt document with a public share.
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