Changing Home Screen Icon Positions?

I love that you can customize the look and feel of most of the app; however, it would be nice if the icons on the home screen would have the option of lining up at the bottom... I want to put an image on the home screen for when the app loads, but currently the large icons cover the image and becomes pointless. 


  • Yes i also would like to see a different set of layouts to chose from.
  • Thanks for the suggestion! We've specced out an overhaul of the dashboard settings, including multiple layout styles and more control over the graphics in general, but I'm not sure exactly when it will be implemented. (There are a lot of good things vying for priority right now.)

    The best way to bump up the priority is to post it at our Google Moderator page and vote it up.
  • @lathamhutch: have you tried increasing the top margin and using smaller icons? You should be able to show a background image at the top of your dashboard without any icons over it. You can't control how the icons line up (that's done algorithmically), but you do have some control over where they start drawing from.
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