My first app is in my area of passion and expertise, Psychology.


  • Any feedback and/or constructive criticism is more than welcome!

    Thank you

  • I had downloaded and installed your app...interesting but too many ads with such a short time frequency is a bit distracting. I like the quiz section and would like to know if the quiz section you had build it yourself or you are using on online site for the quiz. My intention is to do quiz app... I did it with another builder because they have the feature, but for Andromo it is not available yet. Perhaps you could tell me more about the quiz section......Anyway congrats....
  • Thank you for downloading the app ahmadsofian  and for the feedback. YES!!  i definitely had to pull back on my ads.  I had even gotten my first negative review in the Google playstore because of the ads... Its much better now.  With regard to the quiz, I found a free site called, Interact Quiz.........  It allowed me to build the quiz for free on their site and then link it to my Andromo app.  I did have to register on the site, but I never had to pay.  I will probably pay the $17 per month fee now since I will definitely be using them again in future apps.........

    Thanks again and best of luck to you....

  • Well, you already prepare yourself to negative feedback, as is always prevent the users, I had the app "lotsia slots real money", but no I did not, and still had bad reviews.

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