The "Andromo Web App" in Google Play Store

There is an app named "Andromo Web App" in the Google Play store that I would like to know if the purpose of this app is to access our Andromo accounts and more from an Android phone?   Has anyone used it or know more about it?

It looks a bit questionable, so I have not logged in with my information.  There is no real description of what the app does; however, there are 3 basic screen shots from parts of the Andromo website. The reviews are not specifically clear either.  There is another app named "Andromo Sample".  That one makes more sense with a good description. look like both apps are made by different people.


  • @dhapp Hi, it's our internal test app, not for use by users.
  • Okay thanks, that's the answer I was looking for.  It seems like the "Android Web App" in the Google Play store should state that it is a test app, unless maybe the idea is to test it without making it obvious.  The question is, what does the app do? Also, if it's not for users, are the comments from test people?  I was hoping it was another way to go into my account when I don't have my PC.
  • @dhapp this is the test app, but you can optionally use it Web site activity to have access to your Andromo account, it will work correctly.
  • Thanks!
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