Admob Banner ads are not showing properly and some Admob Interstitial ads are just vanishing!

Dear Team Andromo,
I think I may not the only person who is facing this situation right now.  There is something wrong with your platform right now. My Admob earnings are going down rapidly and most of the clicks and impressions are really low compared to previous months. My Apps have good downloads and daily active users and that's not the case. The problems are most off my apps are not showing admob banner ads properly and sometimes the Interstitial ads are just vanishing before the user can't even read it or click on it. I even submitted a ticket to you telling this.. but all you asked was what are your apps those facing these issue. The Answer is almost every app which is built under your 5.1.2/476 Build version. Please consider this matter very seriously! Please fix this soon. I love Andromo and that's why I am telling this. Because I don't want to leave the platform.
And dear other users If you face a similar situation like me. Please share your thoughts down below.
Thank you!


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