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New google license

Is their a way to use the new google authentication in our apps


  • Is their an answer for this
  • edited June 2012
    Hi linuxnut79,

    There isn't any way to use Google Play Licensing in your apps yet -- that is something we would need to implement behind the scenes. (You'd also need a way to provide your public key.)

    It's definitely a feature we will investigate, though. (For example, I'd like to add support for expansion files in the future, so users could build apps larger than 50 MB.)

    What kinds of policies are you interested in?
  • I would like to build a paid app but use the new liseince so nobody rips it from the market.
  • Hi,

    I think this is a needed feature if we are thinking about building paid apps. Has there been progress on this? Any target date?
  • We would love to see Andromo add expansion file feature and google licensing service feature soon.
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