Andromo subscription paid but showing You do not have an active subscription

Hello Andromo Team

I am Rohit Singh From India. I am active user of andromo since 9 oct 2016. on 9 oct 2019 my Paypal account debited for andromo yearly subscription. But now i am clicking on my any project its showing "You do not have an active subscription. In order to build your apps, please subscribe now - for as little as $8 per month!"

and when i clicked on Subscribe Now then its Showing "You already have an active subscription. If you'd like to change your subscription plan, you should login to your PayPal account and cancel your current subscription first. For full instructions, click here."

Now my Question is where is my money which deducted from my Paypal account ?

Plz do something on my matter 



  • everyone here seems to have about the same problem.

    one the subscription was cancelled, the other PayPal, error message seems to be the same everywhere. ( "already have an acive subcription " )

    Andromo, big promises, and always the talk of the big update, of which you know neither contents nor anything else, but it should come, sometime..... For me it just looks like stalling tactics.

    Oh, and then you can no longer rely on earlier payment plans, although Colin promised it last year. There it becomes more expensive then, without achievements follow. Is that a serious business policy? Promise a customer that a payment plan will last forever and then act like this???

    I also don't know what to do with my subscription, pay pal is also active, but due to the mail from appbrokers, I now know that the next payment will probably run into nirvana.

    Please do something, or must each individual give up a ticket?

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