Clarify Professional subscription please?

Sorry to be dumb about this but as I understand it:

As an existing Gold subscriber I have been upgraded to Professional for ALL CURRENT apps.

If I want to build additional Apps (specifically without the "Powered by Andromo" on the About screen ) at profesional level I need to pay $500 a year?


Build additional apps WITH "Powered by Andromo" for $50 a year

Is that right?

Or is a case of existing Gold members get Professional level for all new Apps too?

** I know I posted this on another thread but I would like a quick reply, don't want to miss out on anything ;)


  • No, that's wrong. It's not just for your existing apps. :)

    The new plans are all unlimited -- you can make as many apps as you want!

    the benefits of the Professional subscription are for all the apps that
    you make. So for the next year, you can just giver. Make five apps,
    make a hundred apps. Go for it! :)

    (When we said this was our way of saying thank you for being an early adopter, we really meant it. Our users mean the world to us!)

    ** I answered in the other thread too, but wanted to make sure you saw this.
  • Awsome - THANKS !

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    Sorry... Just to clarify.

    Once the upgrade from Gold/Professional status expires in roughly a year and a few months, even if I continue to pay the $50/year, will I drop back to Gold status and will have the Andromo branding? Or does my status stay as Professional unless I let my subscription run out?
  • @rtech In order to stay at the professional level your will need to maintain a professional subscription. If you drop down to the other level then so will your apps.

    However, changing your subscription will not affect an apps that you have already release, only your ability to build them at that level.

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