Admob Ad Limitation

Hello everyone
Please I need your help on this issue about my admob account. They put ad limitation on it about 1 month ago and am basiccally now earning nothing. Although they said in the email that they will review it automatically but until now, no any response. What do you think I should do? I need some advises please.


  • Although we do our best to comply with all policies and regulations we also have increasing problems with Google Play and AdMob.  I have not had that one yet.  It is becoming difficult to know what we CAN do with our Android apps!  Recently AdMob ads were stopped because we linked to our own Facebook page.  It seems like it is constantly a new problem.  All of this for "earnings" of less than .50 per 1000 views!

    I am looking for other monetizing options.  Anyone happy with anything else but AdMob?

    About them failing to review your app again, you might try contacting Play support by email and stating what the violation was and that you've resubmitted your app for review but haven't heard back from anyone in _____ period of time.  Suddenly you may hear from AdMob.

    Good luck!  Any information about other good monetizing options will be very appreciated.
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