RSS Feed - Bug


in one of my Apps i am using an Website Element and a RSS Feed Element. I have have a lots of Posts with images or embed Videos (from Youtube, and other).

With Website Element all is working fine.

But with RSS Feed i have some Problems:

- Embed Videos (like Youtube) dont show Video. They only show a blank screen with Player info and play the audio line
- Performance is not nice. The scrolling lags very much.

My Setting:
Open destination link in App

With "Open destination link in Android Browser" there is a temporary workaround but thats not a nice solution (because i want to show all Posts direct in App).

I hope you can fix this Problem with RSS Feed... :)


  • Or maybe an option:

    "Open destination link in App LINK"

    With this Option we can direct Feeds in Website Element (and then all features working also fine).
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