I had a new client come in a wants a basic app for a civic theater. They wanted a in app purchase for tickets, and for a donation drive.

They dont have much of a budget for a full hand built app. Would in app permissions be an available option for future features?


  • We do plan to support in-app billing in the future, however we don't have any specific plans for it yet so I cannot say for certain whether something like ticket purchases will be directly supported.

    One way to do the donation drive currently might be to offer two versions of an app, using one free version that advertises a link to the paid version of the app using an AdMob "house ad," essentially a custom ad you can set up through your admob account. Then simply donate all the proceeds from sales of the paid app.

  • I told them about that but they are pretty set on a single app. I will pitch them a hand written app but their budget couldnt pay for it. I am just trying to save them money but keep them as a client.
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