Problem with New Builder!

Dear Andromo, Please note that 70% of apps build with this tool are audio-player based apps. Many developers as you already knew are building Holy Quran (Muslims Holy Book) app and it contains 114 audio tracks. With the new builder, it is now very difficult to edit those audio tracks because the EDIT button (pen in a square) is not clickable. This means even if you have 114 tracks and you want to edit them (e.g change the audios with better quality audio) you have to do that track by track..which is boring, tedious and time consuming. In the legacy builder the case was not like that. We use to add tracks easily by opening the ADD TRACK button in several tabs and adding audios. But with new builder those buttons ADD TRACK and AUDIO TRACK NAMES or the EDIT AUDIO BUTTON ARE NOT CLICKABLE. This is the main reason i disliked this new builder. Please allow us to continue fully editing and building our apps in the old builder or apply these features to the new builder. Please do that for us. Thank you and looking forward to seeing these changes. They hugely affect us negatively.


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