Warning - the internal version code is not being uniquely kept per app when building!

The version code should be unique to each app, incremented each time it is built. I just rebuilt 2 of my apps, and noticed on the first one that the version code jumped from 332 to 1047, and then on the second app the version code jumped from 266 to 1074. (This means that 27 other apps were built in the time between my 2 builds.) The version code is used to tell if an app has been updated, and you cannot submit an update with a lower version code. In Andromo's build system there is a variable that needs to be updated each time an app is built, and it's not happening.


  • @tholyoak Thanks for this information. We know about this situation and now we are doing our best to resolve it as soon as possible. We will notify you about the results in your support ticket.
  • So did this ever get fixed? As far as I know I never heard anything back on the support ticket.

  • @holyoak.com yes, now it's ok. We increase version code by one on every build

  • Thanks @meold for the update! Where can I read about this in detail on KB or help docs?

  • This still isn't fixed properly. I just built 2 different apps. One of them got version code 1001. The other app got version code 1002. Each app should have its own version code that is separate from all the other apps. I have built neither one of those apps anywhere near 1,000 times.

  • I think what's actually happening is that they've fixed the problem, but they're all building beginning with version code 1001 now. I've rebuilt a few more apps and that seems to be the case.

  • same a problem!

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