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need the ability to copy an app to tweak and add features for a pro version instead od re making everything over again when essentially is the same...(would take to long to remake another app as the original with more features and no ads for the pro version


  • @hurycane Thanks for the suggestion, we already have this in our database of features to implement.
  • I cannot get any information about the pro version, ... it requests me first to cancel my subscription, ...
  • @elmit2015

    In order to change your subscription to the professional, you would need to cancel your current subscription and then sign up for the professional. You can find further information about the professional subscription,and subscriptions in general in the following knowledge base articles.

  • I don't believe you guys understand the question properly. 

    He means if you have created a lite or free trial version of an app. And now wish to create the full version. BUT instead of doing everything ALL OVER AGAIN simply just copy the project into a new one and tweak it.
  • We needed this feature from the very beginning.  :(  With 60+ apps it's painful to replicate each of them.
  • Yes, we agree it would be useful. Unfortunately, there are some difficult issues related to file handling that prevent it from being an easy change to make. It's definitely on our list of important features, though.

    P.S. @preacherman: We do understand the question. Darryl was responding directly to elmit2015, not the original post.
  • @ Lorne

    I have been asking for this feature for several months and im starting to get aggrivated. You guys keep saying its on our list. This feature obviously needs to be TOP PRIORITY!!!! Im sorry guys but i cant see it taking several months to implement this... 

    P.S. I have now started developing on other sites because this has become such an issue for me. My advice is that you guys should really listen to your customers and get this done or you will lose them!!!

  • @doug2005 We understand, but it is indeed a non-trivial problem to solve. It has something to do with how Amazon S3 servers work. Colin is looking into solutions and it is a priority, but so are many other things. There isn't a lot more I can say about it that hasn't already been said.

    Our ultimate solution might not be outright copying of projects, but something closer to build configurations, that lets you build multiple apps from a single project. Having separate copies of an app with only minor differences can end up making even more work when you have to go back and change something in all of them.
  • What about building activities instead of apps? Instead of building a new activity each time, have a list of created activities that you then place within your app. Could this be done by adding a new activity to the list called existing, and that opens a list of created activities to choose from?
  • If this were the case then every app that uses the same activity could easily be edited by simply inserting the updated activity to each one.
  • I think I prefer Lorne's suggestion of build configurations. I have too many apps/activities I do not want to swift thru them all when I make apps.
  • I simply make whatever changes I need between a pro and a free version and then rebuild with a changed java package name. Takes about 2 minutes just call one something like and the other myapp.paid (just remember to switch off ads in the paid version)
  • It has been over 6 months and this feature is STILL not AVAILABLE!!!! 
  • yes, duplicate is so important to me right now !!
  • Everybody that wants this feature, please go here and let them know!!

  • Doug2005 - Dont get aggrivated!  Andromo (And Me) have differing priorities to you!
    Andromo are very good at listening to their customers and the progress on most issues is also very good.

    Different people will have to wait different times for different things.

    BIGUP Andromo!
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