APK size exceeds 50MB

I am generating an application that adds mp3 files to apk itself and it causes the apk size to exceeds 50MB which is bigger than default allowed apk size limit for uploading to Google play without expansion files.

How to go with it? Is andomo allows to generate expansion files?



  • edited July 2012
    We don't support expansion files yet, but it is something we might support in the future.

    At the moment you have a few options:
    • you can reduce the size of your mp3 files (e.g. by lowering the bitrate)
    • you can stream some of your files from a web server
    • you can split your app into several smaller apps
    To help drum up support for expansion files, please submit a question at our Google Moderator page.
  • Thanks. it would be great if Andromo can provide the feature. Will wait for it.
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