Google Play Filter

I was wondering what API level my apps were being built for. Whenever I get them back they work as expected on my Droid Bionic. They are listed as published in Google Play, but when I search (from my phone AND Google Play website) I cannot find it. I was reading an article *somewhere* about the filters used by Google Play and was wondering if my app was being filtered for some reason?
App name is On This Day. I would love to see downloads.


  • IIRC the min sdk level is 7 and the target is either 13 or 14.

    It should be compatible with any device running 2.1 or newer.

    It can actually take a while for apps to show up in the Google Play search feature...sometimes it's quick (ten minutes) and sometimes it can take several days.
  • Thanks for the quick response. Will wait it out and see what happens.....just impatient as a newbie I-)
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