The map activities are showing some strange results. I enter a address into Google maps on phone it shows a correctly placed pin. But when I open my app with the exact same address it shows a different location. About 100 ft off. I open maps on desktop PC and it shows correct location. Any ideas..


  • 100 ft off??? That is terrible!!! I guess you can spit that far, ... hehehe

    since you mentioned the desktop I guess that you get with the desktop the data differently then from the mobile phone. We can get the data with the GPS or from the network. I am not sure how you can see from where you get the data, but if you turn off location service, then you can only get the data from the network. Check if that matches the other results, ...
  • I'm not sure why there would be that kind of discrepancy between the address queries, but you may want to try entering the latitude and longitude values instead, as that should provide a precise location.

  • Will try that. Tnks
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