Creating an Ebook using PDF Activity

Has anyone tried creating an Ebook using the PDF activity or is that a task that would require the Custom activity? It seems like it would be a lot more time and work to do an ebook using the Custom activity.

It seems like it should be possible to do an Ebook using the Pdf activity.

Any thoughts or suggestions?




  • Many of my apps are the kind of ebook apps. I don´t create them with pdf activity because it's unconfortable for the final user. So I create them using custom page avtivity or even better, html archive activity.

  • Thank you iEsperanza, yes I tried creating an ebook the the PDF activity and it wasn't so appealing. I guess I will use the custom page activity since I'm not very proficient in HTML.



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    You can use RocketCake software to create nice html pages. It's not necessary to know HTML. Then when you finish, you can upload to andromo by suing HTML archive activity.

  • Thank you.

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