a big problem I have suspended the app | Violatio of Repetive content policy


a big problem I have suspended the app

for reason that there is like this app in the google store

what should I do thank you I need help from your side

i have so many similar apps i'm afraid they suspend everyone


  • @fabiooo please provide your Project names or package names with this problem. Or create ticket on support.

  • @meold I opened a ticket and they replied

    with these message

    "Sorry, but the problem in the content of your app, we cant help you with it.

    Please, check your Privacy Policy for your apps."

  • @meold the problem is Repetive content policy

    Andromo says a problem with the content

    I wonder why Andromo is adding a duplicate project

  • @meold I am duplicating applications

    But i change everything design and title

  • edited March 2020

    @fabiooo Ok, i will try to help you. You have the same content inside your projects. You must provide different content in different apps.

  • @meold Can you help me in private in private?

    I'll explain well thanks

  • @fabiooo ok, contact me with e-mail yura.yazupol.official@gmail.com. Please, provide link to this forum with your personal details, so I will understand your problem.

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