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Error accesing audio file ....this is the error that i have always when i choose in Audio Player to Stream from URL...can someone tell what it is the problem?


  • Someone tryied already to make an audio player with Stream File from URL? or i am the only one? And if that so....from where did you stream it? because i already tried and i have error accesing audio file! It is an andromo problem or just the URL from where i stream because i already try with many sources of streaming!

  • I create many of my apps with URL stream and I don't see a problem. I have my own server and I store my mp3 files there and then I paste the URL ond the audio player activity. It works fine for me.

  • this is where i took the links, and i have errors, maybe you could write here an example of your links...please!

  • Also i tried to upload my mp3 files on google drive , put it in a public way to get the link share and put the URL on audio player and also i get the same error!

  • To be very clear i upload different melodies in mp 3 format on Google Dive, on, on, soundcloud OneDrive, then i took the url and put it in Audio Player activity choosing Track type - Stream from URL and put it the URL from where i upload my mp3 the URL s give me error accesing audio file !!! I will be grateful if somebody can tell me where or how can solve this problem of mine! I am not very sure that is entirely mine....and not andromo...not sure!!!

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    I think it works for me because I have a web page where I store the audio files. I don't use Google drive or archive or another cloud service. For example, this audio URL is used for one of my apps, and it works well if you use it on the audio activity

  • Thank you for your answer!

  • @iEsperanza what web service you use for host your url?

    You sound looks so fast can you suggest me idea how to do that.

  • @developerhero I use my own web hosting. I am a hosting reseller =)


    you can use this website and get the mp4 link

    link must be ends in mp4 link

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