I keep on receiving "build failed - check your email" errors

But I never receive any explanation via email...

I didn't have any issue when I first built the app.

I had to change some text in the about section because the previous one was refused by Google.

I had to choose the alternate package name to make it new / unique to Google Play.

But I can't build the app...

Package name = ca-app-pub-3513731508442971~7103783335

I checked the admob settings (apparently an issue for others), all fine.

Can you please help me fix this issue so that I can submit the new build?





  • FYI, it fails after 40/45 seconds

  • Oops, sorry, the package name isn't the PUB ID :-) (would be nice to be able to edit a message in the forum by the way...)


  • Anyone out there? Help welcome... I still can't generate the new build.

  • Update: failed again. So it's not a temporary issue, it's definitely a bug...

  • Just to let everyone know: the issue was that I had to generate a new app on FireBase with the alternate package name and reupload a new JSON in the Firebase settings on Andromo. Now, it's working. Let's republish this app...

  • I am facing the same problem, is there any solution?

  • @ZInfoSys colors in style block of your activities are empty. Try to fix and rebuild

  • Hey! I keep getting a build failed message as well, but don't receive any email with an explanation. I've tried several times and it keeps popping up, any ideas? Please help! I have a deadline..


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