Problems with Flash

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The good thing about android is that it will accept Flash -  as opposed to the Macs. We have done a lot of work with Flash and would like to put some of this stuff into the andromo apps. However, there seem to be a couple of problems. Firstly, Flash objects often come up with a blue screen over them. You have to touch the screen to make the blue go away. On other occasions nothing shows at all. Again, you have to touch the screen to make the flash appear. A third problem is getting swf sound files to play.

Does anyone have any remedies for these problems. Note: I am testing on an Asus Eee pad.


BTW Andromo is the best thing since sliced bread.


  • I think I read that flash will stop with 4.1, which is already available, ... It should be replaced with HTML5

    I am so glad that I never made this nonsense of flash, ... - sorry to say that, ...

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