Nested pages and dashboard

I have a very large project for a customer and what they wanted was basicly nested pages and multiple dashboards. They will have a main dashboard. Then each item will be a diffrent department within that departments dashboard will be the pages with info in them.

Then the top left home icon will go back to the parent dashboard of that page. Then once in the department dashboard the home icon will go to main dashboard.

Is this possible withen the framework of andromo? If not now with current configuration but maybe in the future?


  • Would that be solvable with an HTML archive ??
    From the Help screen:


    • Does not require a web server to be hosting your web
    • Since the content is embedded in the application, it's only
      visible to the people using the application.
    • Content can be as simple as a single html page, or an index
      containing links to other pages, images etc.
    • It will be more responsive since the files will be loaded from
      the application on the device instead of having to be
  • I wish all the data could be static. However most of it is dynamic with regular daily updates.
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