im still trying to figure out how to make andromo cool and fun

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i have been using andromo for a while, i like it. But i have made basic boring stuff. I have not yet found a neat idea. I want to learn how to use the rss feed. I know how to find a feed on like yahoo feeds, and I can google how to make a feed.... So basically, I just write stuff on my home computer and people with the app can read the feed? 

Any good feeds that you can recommend for me to make my feed? like an easy picture upload or news feed? Other than that I didnt really try the html yet because im worried about how its going to look. "large?" or in "mobile format." 


  • Go to Showcase and get some ideas what others did, install these programs and you will certainly find some more ideas. ;-)
  • From my experience with andromo if you don't allready have existing content then you will have a hard time making content to put in the app
  • Im selling apps to small businesses and restaurants in my local area. business owners like that they have a app. But the user installs spike at first then it drops off significantly once the buzz and coolness fades off.
  • We are working on a in app ordering system for pizza stores
  • The business owner has to think of a their app as a "tazmanian devil". They must feed it; twitter specials, facebook news, etc. You're bringing the restaurant experience into their hands, even when they're not there. How about enlisting patrons to make new youtube videos to add to the app's official channel? A contest! When it's all in their hands, they're able to share with their friends wherever they are, and that adds cool factor times ten. Train and Feed that puppy like crazy! 
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