Andromo Video Tutorials

Hi, everyone, here are 2 video tutorials:

How to create games in Andromo apps using HTML-archive activity:

How to make submenus in Andromo apps:

Hope it can help you to create something new and cool!

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  • Cool Roman.....

  • Hopefully andromo upgrade file size limit on html archive activity. Now max file size is 25MB. I hope can upload more than 25 mb zip file.

  • Y como lo subo a la play store? Además para hallar los gráficos sin que me sancione google??

  • absordor

    Thank you for your suggestion, however we are focused on the new platform release and want to launch it ASAP. Thus these issues won't be actual very soon.

  • Y cuales serán las modificaciones de la nueva plataforma??

  • how do we get the get zip file, and on your video there is no instruction on how to get it ?

  • Hi!

    New V3 Tutorials:

    How to make an app at V3 builder quickly

    How to use multiple dashboards feature at Andromo V3 builder. Create albums and folders in your app!

  • How activity size settings work at Andromo V3 builder:

  • How can we add a url element
    On the music player
    Instead of downloading music

  • make firebase music player tutorial please

  • @meold @RomanJuly Tutorial on how to upgrade apk file to abb file.

    Posted to the Play Store and the app

  • Por favor si pudieran poner un tutorial de v3 para página personalizada. Gracias

  • Website activity is not working properly in V3 builder apps, When the user goes to the website activity and presses the back button, the activity stops. This is a very serious problem. I am repeatedly urging you to fix it, but no response is coming from Andromo, I am very upset because my users are decreasing very fast. If you do not fix it, then I will be forced to leave this platform.

  • need firebase gallery tutorial

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