For the second time, I repeat the same question and there is no convincing answer

I paid a monthly subscription for $ 252. Will I waste the rest of the money?

It has now been three months since the annual subscription

It means I have about nine months left until the subscription ends

Now I want to buy a new subscription

But I have to pay almost $ 243 instead of $ 432

did you understand my question

Next year I will pay the full amount of 432

Now, the remainder of the annual subscription for the previous plan must be deducted

Your answer is

EgorEgorov May 25 Flag

Your existing annual plan days are going to be prorated and added to the new annual subscription you purchase. So - no, you don't loose the rest of your money.

When I enter to pay, I find the sum of 432

You must correct this error in order for an account to have a value that has to be paid

Do I have to pay a full 432?

Although the annual subscription to the previous plan was only four months old


  • appd

    Contact please

  • I got ripped off with 9 months that I paid for mate and was told that I had to get a refund from the old owners, total disgrace.

  • Maybe the company will collapse

    Now everyone is thinking about changing this site

    Everyone started looking for a new site

    They lose half of the subscribers

    Failed policy and breach of contract

    I am thinking of filing a lawsuit with the International Court against the site

  • I'm still confused, as well. My current Starter subscription is good until September. I don't really see any benefit in doing the forced upgrade any earlier than that, since I don't want to bombard my users with more ads, and I'm going to be paying more just to keep the ads, which I'm not happy about.

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