Not Happy...

edited June 2020 in General Discussion

Hi. I submitted a ticket a few weeks back regarding my subscription that I paid for. I paid for a year subscription in Dec 2019 and it was cancelled by the new Andromo owners 2 or 3 months into my subscription leaving me short of 9 or 10 months that I had pre paid for. When I questioned this I was told by you the new Andromo owners to seek out the old owners of Andromo and ask for a refund which is totally despicable and is not good business practice.

I'm really disappointed, after being a paid subscriber for well over 5 years to now being ripped off with my subscription, hard earned cash and being told that all my apps will be deleted after 6 months unless I pay again.. How about you give me what I have already paid for??

I paid for 12 months so I'm entitled to 12 months. Why should It be up to the customer to be seeking out a refund when I did no wrong, this has to be against my consumer rights.

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