Question on Ultra Plan

I did the trial period

There are only 9 days left

Question is after 9 days left

Will all applications stop ads?

Or will the ads of the Ultra Plan stop


 Time between Interstitials 30s

Splash screen

I mean, the rest of the applications that were in the previous plan will continue to run ads


  • I am also in the trial period and have some questions:

    1/ as @appd already asked: what will happen to the ads in case I do not optin for the Ultra plan? Lets say I have "splash screen" enabled and Interstitials set to 1 Min. Will the Interstitials be automatically reset to another interval or will they disappear? What happens to the splash screen, will it disappear or will it simply to not ads anymore?

    2/ I was reading to several posts in the forum but I was not able to find any information about the time intervals we can choose from on pro plan? Is 2 Min one of the intervals that are covered by Pro-Plan?

    3/ Did anyone else observe that when we build the apps (at least while in the "Ultra Trial period") the interstitials are popping up without users action (which to my best knowledge is against T&C of Admob and Co).

    4/ Should we see any improvement in Interstitials impressions when using "Ultra Trial period"?

    Thank you for answering ASAP.

  • appd

    After Ultra trial is finished interstitial ads settings will return to Standard monetization - 2 minutes, Splash screen will be visible for a minimal amount of times it takes for the App to load configuration from our servers. On a fast internet this will be invisible to users, on a slow the splash screen can show up.


    1/ See the answer here ^

    2/ You can set interstitial ads time interval 2 minutes and higher at Pro plan

    3/ Interstitial ads appear on a transition between activities. If you have a case when interstitial ads appear like you described - can you show an app example here, please:

    4/ In most cases - Yes

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