How to use the location to trigger content?

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I have a customer who has multiple stores, .... and he wants me that the closest store will be shown as first choice in the Android application.

How can I do that?




  • Does anybody has a hint for that?
  • Anybody?
  • Andromo does not have any event triggering that I can tell, in fact the GPS feature is limited to the MAP activity for location and that's about it. 

    While this would be pretty cool there are many other things that need to be added for the masses. Such as Page function so you can divide up your activities on different pages, coping an existing project, adding PDFs to a project, custom splash screen, supporting ad networks such as where I make decent money with my other Android apps not created in Andromo.

    Andromo is growing and hopefully these features are closer to being added than further away.
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