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I am using my own website for most of my apps, creating a subdomain and uploading, essentially, my "app" onto my website. One of my apps I hae a photo gallery thats supposed to allow users to set images as their phones wallpaper. Here is my issue, if I use my desktop PC to access the site I can save the images or set as background...If I use a browser on my phone I am allowed to save image or set as wallpaper...I usually use Maxthon but even the default browser on my phone allowed me to set as wallpaper or save to phone. Now when my site is accessed via Adromo, I am unable to save the images or set as wallpapers...I need help, anyone have any advice on how fix this would be appreciated. 

The impression I'm getting is that Andromo does not allow you to use the tap and hold gesture that phones use to replace the "right-click" feature used on computers. This is a MAJOR set-back for my "app" as there are way too many images and the size of the .apk would be too large if I used the Andromo photo gallery. I have tried multiple images, I've tinkered with my site trying new ways but I have had no luck as of yet.

Thanks for your help!!


The Website:

The App:      Rihanna Nation


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    The long-press (tap and hold) gesture on Android devices doesn't do anything by itself; any behaviour such as setting images as wallpaper is something that needs to be programmed in the app. Saving as wallpaper isn't something you can accomplish from a website using HTML.

    We'd like to add support for remote images to the Photo activity in the future, however I can't give you any timeframe for when that might be added.

    It might be possible for us to add saving images as wallpaper to the Website and HTML activities in the future. Another possibility might be to expose some of the Android API to the various HTML activities in the form of a Javascript wrapper, similar to how Phonegap works.

    For the time being however the only activity that permits saving as wallpaper is the Photo activity.
  • What about being able to save to sd card. I would like to share some of my created icons through my app for people maybe to use on their apps, but if they can't save them it doesn't do any good for me to create the gallery for them.
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