Support has become a failure You are money dogs

More than ten days ago I asked a question and did not receive any answer

Racism is here

They respond to those who have the Ultra Plan

We, the others, have nothing for them

Answer my questions

I wrote a topic twice and nobody answers why

I started thinking about filing a case with the International Court of your website

We are not asking you something difficult

Only answer questions

We are not asking you for bread

We pay you money

Why do you ignore the questions?

These are my subjects


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    All your questions are answered at support as far as I can see. We pay attention to all requests no matter what plan it is.

    Have a good day!

  • @appd

    Can you tell me in which court instance you are thinking of suing Andromo?

    I talked to my lawyer and Google Manager, explained the whole situation and I am thinking of suing them, for depriving me of the possession of my keystore, since my apps are a source of income of my possession, in a support request when I asked for the keystore she was denied, when explaining the situation to my Google Manager he was amazed with this situation.

    I'm trying to get support from Google Portugal staff I've been there 2 times but due to the covid they are not working, because the keystore is something unavoidable and Androm takes possession forbidding the trade book is like renting a room for business and not receiving the key to open the door ... This for the European Union is a serious crime because I feel injured, it is an important fact of mine that is about "ownership" of the company "Andromo" among other problems ...

    I also talked to other members of the community.

    Even if you like the builder, you must have the keystore, we cannot be tied to andromo, this is illegal.

    I will continue using it, but I want my key for each published app, just like other builders do, this is a right.

    Other developers who feel injured can contact my email:

    We are going to take a social action on this issue, together we have a better chance of winning; Because some of my apps are tied to this company, if you have contact with your Google Manager, explain the situation to them.


  • I suspect that the same key is used to sign all the Andromo apps, which is why they can't give it out.

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