Many suggesstions for Andromo


I hope these are currently being worked on. Some features with Andromo are pretty limiting, and coding almost seems like a better option.

-Can't change layout. You can change colors, but that makes it look like you copy another dev. on design. You can't change the layout of the icons, you can't resize, etc.
-Ability to share and comment on WordPress articles though RSS. Thought this was kind of a no brainer
-Adding the License service, seems like a obvious choice for many "app generators"
-In-App purchasing - easier to upgrade then to use two separate apps
-Push RSS or Wordpress notifications - If anything, this should be the top of the list under changing layout

Most of the other features Andromos are gimmicks, such as the About or Phone, which can easily be added without.

I hope Andromo hears my crys, and these are added soon.


  • Yes I too would greatly use a selection of layouts on projects. I've had several clients ask for such a feature
  • Adding the License Service would be a great addition! The other suggestions are legitimate as well:-)
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