Can you upload my finished App to playstore

I have finished making my App and want to find someone to help me by uploading it to Playstore. I have read all I can and watched Youtube vids but still cannot upload it. The terminology is way above my level of understanding so I cannot progress any further. Can anyone help me or point me towards someone who can. Thank you in advance. Jamie



  • @Jaymo please create ticket on support and they will help you

  • Thanks but I have tried this and they said they can not help me. So my question still remains the same. There are supposed to be thousands of users making apps via Andromo, surely there must be at least 1 that can help me?

  • @meold ok, could you describe what exactly is the problem and I will try to help you

  • I have finished building my App and want to add it to playstore. I do not understand the high lever programming language from any of the tutorals.

    I really want someone to add the App to playstore. I just cannot progress any further. I would really appreciate this help.


  • Do you have Google play Console account?

  • Yes and I have paid the google $25 but still don't understand how to upload my App.


  • Hi WasswaDenis and Meold. . Are either of you able to help me get my App loaded onto Playstore. If not please let me know so I can try find someone. For ref I have paid my administration fee of $25 to Google and have finished my App. I just want to get it on Playstore now. Can you help?

  • @Jaymo Contact with me through my e-mail

    I will help you

  • Hello!

    Okay. You meet all of its requirements. And don't forget to create personal or business accounts. Thanks!

  • Stop! ✋You Have To Press Create And That's How You Make Your App
  • That's not the question I asked? Ive finished my App and can build it but cannot work out how to get it on Playstore.

  • Hi I have contacted you via email as requested but not heard back from you?

  • OK, Let me check you tomorrow @Jaymo

  • Hi I have contacted you via email as requested but not heard back from you?

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