Features I would like to see.

First, thank you to Andromo for the service. You are always quick to reply.

A few things I would like to see, and you are probably already working on some of them: a way to add a back button on website activities, since it opens inside the andromo browser, phones with no back button can't easily go back to the previous page. Also, and I have seen others saying this, and I believe I have seen that you are working on it, are template options, or some other way to customize layout so that it doesn't all look the same from app to app. The ability to have multiple menu screens so one page could go to another page of menus. For example, I am looking to build an app for my church. Instead of everything being on the front page, have only primary functions there. It would work like this, the home page would have tabs for Church information, staff information, ministries, and by clicking those would open a menu to get to specific information, i.e. clicking staff information would open to a page of staff members, each with the ability to click the name or picture to go into their personal information page. And ultimately, I know you are looking into or so I have read, iPhone developement. Obviously people in my church have iphones, so it wouldn't be fair to not include them in the church app building process. 

Thanks again, you guys are doing good work,


  • I agree, multiple layouts would be a AWSOME feature to andromo.
  • We do need more layout choices. They don't need to be fancy, but we need to allow for more customization. My local newspaper has a wonderful website I use for web layout ideas all the time.

    Now, they've come out with an app! Look here; https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.heraldnet.android Now, I'd LOVE to be able to make these! I know there must be some easy ways to emulate this format.

    I'd like Andromo sites to put all other app makers to shame. :)

    Thank you for everything you're doing for us!
  • My vote is for this also!!  No single feature would be more useful then being able to use a custom "dashboard" maybe even with the capability of displaying adds on the first page.. Keep up the good work!
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