Self Defence martial arts App

I need to get my finished App onto Playstore but due to my own lack of knowledge. I cannot do this. I have finished the App, paid the Google $25 and now do not understand the next stage. I have appealed to Admondo and to forum but still not found the help I need. Can anyone please help me get my Self Protection App on Playstore. Any help appreciated.



  • I wish to add that I have paid the yearly subscription for years and this is the first time I've completed app. I don't know how to add it on Playstore. Andrommo are not supporting me at all. This dosent give me any insentive to renew with this company. Why don't they add some beginners 'how to' vids for people like me. Also make them slower so we can follow them.

  • Andromo has tutorials, you can see them on your account. Maybe what you need is this

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