GLITCH when clicking on links in web activity

edited July 2012 in Suggestions
when i click on some links through a web activity, they dont always open right. also, when I push the back button, it closes the activity instead of just going back 1 page. i was thinking it would be nice if when someone clicks a link through a web activity, a prompt would show up offering to open the said link with the app, or the web browser... or the youtube app if its a youtube link... the maps app if its a map link...etc. this would resolve another issue for when they are mobile youtube link uploads. sometimes andromo apps dont know how to open the link properly.


  • I have also noticed issues with the web activity. I created an app for personal use with my Google Developer Console page as an activity. Some or most of the links work, but when I click a link to view the settings for an individual app it just loads a white page. Also, when changing screen orientation it reloads. I would like to see the web activity improved. It could be really useful if the in app browser would cooperate with everything.
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