Map shoes wrong place

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I got on my map 4 locations.

One of these locations is way out wrong (offset of 3 km!!!!)

If I try to update the Latitude / Longitude values according to our found Google map on the pc, it will not be taken! It reverts always to the wrong one according to the found location by address.

I guess it is a programming "feature" that should be corrected:

add a check mark to use given Latitude / Longitude values instead of the one found by address.


  • I've emailed our web guy to get some clarification on the issue and it's design and will have more info when I receive his response.

    In the meantime, the web interface for the address and the latitude/longitude values is one or the other. So if you want to use the Latitude/Longitude instead of the address, set the Address field to blank. That will give you the results you're looking for.

  • That is not really a solution, because I need to inform the customer about the street address as well and not just a bubble on the map. In fact, in my case I even have to put the address in Chinese AND in English.
  • Yes, I realize that, and it was the basis of my query to our web guy. I'm awaiting his response.
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