Complements and an idea.....

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First of all I would like to say how great Andromo is!!  Hats off to the developers.
That said after reading the forum for a while EVERYONE wants more, this is most likely going to drive you nuts.
As someone who has created many Andromo Apps, what would prove useful in planning would be a simple post from the developers telling us what you folks are working on and in what approximate order, No one will hold you to it , but it would allow us to start thinking about future apps AND take some pressure off you. 


  • I'd send them cinnamon rolls if it would help...
  • Hi,

    Thanks for the comments, I understand that it would be useful for our users to have a road map. I'll suggest it and see where it goes. The problem is that in the past we have tried using road maps and they have ended up causing more problems than they have solved.

    We'll see!

  • @ssmayer cinnamon rolls would help a lot!
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