Changing package name? Google account suspended? =)

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Hi guys. I have a small problem. I signed up to andromo! I love you guys by the way, ......... And I was making apps, and my google account got suspended for some things. I was able to make a new Google account, But when I try to (even make a new andromo app)

It says, another developer has the same package name. (when I am uploading to the play store).

If you don't know the answer, don't leave me a comment. Helpless people disgust me.

Anyways. Can we change the package name, so i dont need to pay andromo for a whole new account? I mean common, Hook me up boys! I am a sexy southern girl here! (blonde, 115 lbs)

ps- they say I can change the name in the manifest file. What?



  • Theres a way to change the package name by using a tool called apkman or apktool. But that requires re-signing and stuff.

    Also have you tried creating a new app on this account rather than using the same app that was previously banned?
  • You should just ask Andromo if they can create a new account for you with the same subscription time remaining as your old account. That should be possible.
  • also that picture is probably not of you... considering she's an accomplished model. I looked her up ;)
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