Admob ad account issues are limited

Hello, I beg for your help recently my Google AdMob account has a limit, which results in my AdMob ad revenue decreasing, does anyone have a solution to be free from the Admob account limit?


  • I'm guessing andromo is being flagged up as ad spamming platform due to recent changes which is why so many people are having their admob and facebook accounts limited or blocked. Soon the rest of us will properly be blocked too. RIP Andromo.

  • rahmadwidodo

    We are sorry to hear that

    Please, read Admob policies and check your apps to be compliant with them.

    Please, send a request to the Admob support for more details why they have limited your account. Send us Admob answer to

    Thank you

  • Andromo team should give a proper answer. They are not replying to support queries related to Interstitial ads. Many users got their Admob limited/ terminated. Facebook Interstitial ads are also getting blocked stating “This implementation encourages accidental clicks” . Something has gone wrong with Andromo Interstitial ads implementation after the Ultra update.

  • TechK

    There is no way Ultra can cause accidental clicks, etc.

    Also there are cases when Starter or Pro users get limitations from Admob or Facebook.

    Please, check your apps to comply with ad networks policies.

  • I was not talking just about Ultra.

    We have no control over Interstitial ad placement. FB Interstitial ads are blocked saying ‘placement encourages accidental clicks’.

    I had contacted Andromo support team multiple times regarding this issue. I am on the Ultra plan still I didn’t get any proper solution. I had suggested to bring back the old “Require several interactions..’ option for every Interstitial ad instead of just the first interstitial. I believe your March sdk update has caused this problems.

  • Last month another user @StudioAppsCreate had also raised the same problem with Interstitial ad getting blocked.

    He also stated the same violation mail, “accidental clicks”.

    Was he able to fix the problem and appeal successfully?

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