i would like to please cancel my automotic andromo subscription with paypal, i’m having a big trouble doing it myself.


  • i can’t access my paypal account after many days of exhausting attempts, i really need to cancel my automatic andromo subscription

  • do i have to delete my andromo account in order to stop automatic subscription

  • i have the same problem , did you how to cancel it ?

  • i have same problem, i can't find the button to cancel the hobbyist subscription !!!

  • Hello Guys ,

    this is your call .. you can easily cancel the subscription of andromo its easy .

  • Hi guys - it took some digging because I had the same problem! Click your picture in the top right, then Account. Scroll to the bottom, there's a TEENY TINY little "More..." link. When you click that you have the option to cancel your account or your subscription (or both).

    Hope that helps!

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