Andromo monthly subscription not renewing automatically

Ok, today my subscription was expired again, same as last month.

So I renewed it manually, and now it is paid but Andromo is processing the payment.

How long after the expiration of the subscription Andromo waits to stop showing the ads?

Do you guys wait at least 48 or 72 hours right?


  • And after renewing it successfully, yesterday it showed 31 days left and now it is expired again.

    Same thing that happened last month.

    And coincidentally, yesterday and today my earnings are less than half the avarage for the last 7 days.  

    What is this?

  • Today my earnings are completely frozen for the last few hours.

    Not 1 single cent earned, which means that my monetization is already disabled for a few hours now.

    And I paid for this bullshit yesterday.

    Will anyone fix that?

  • landore

    You have been answered at the support, your problem was fixed and you advises will be taken into consideration.

    Thank you

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