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Anyone know when or if we are going to be able to customize the homepage, it is so limiting not being able to move the icons, a pull down menu would be more useful. Thanks guys, amazying stuff.


  • Hi,

    Do you mean the Dashboard? If so we are currently working on changes that would allow further customization to the dashbaord.

  • Mark, can you say something about when we should expect a new update? Last post on the Andromo blog is from 9 August. 
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    @mobilegameplay we try not to talk about future update or when we expect to release something until we are very close. It's bitten us in the past and we're trying to change our ways. Rest assured that we are hard at work and that we will post information when we are close.

    Also August 9th was only a month ago!
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    I know you guys don't want disappointed users if you promise something, but if you have a good reason for it we can accept it. I think it would be a great idea to change your company's view. I suggest to create some blogpost about development, whats going on behind the screens. That way you interact more with your users and get closer. 

    I understand the word 'disappointed' plays a big role in your decision. Just like I said before, if you cancel a feature some people maby get disappointed but with a good reason it's not a big deal. At least that's better then nothing. I would say think about it.
  • Looks interesting...... can't wait to try it out in my apps!
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