Just became yearly subscriber....but adromo ads still showing on my apps.

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Hi Andromo

I Just became yearly subscriber but andromo ads still showing on my apps. Do I need to rebuild my apps or just wait a bit longer for the changes to propagate?


  • Hi dukeminster,

    You will need to disable ads (or keep showing ads with your admob code) and then rebuild your apps before reuploading them to the Play Store.
  • Thanks for the reply ghazaly....

    Sorry I should have been a bit clearer. I still want ads on my apps, but the andromo ads are still showing. I assumed that when you become a subscriber and you get 100% of the ad fees the andromo ads would stop showing...?
  • They will, but you have to recompile your apps after your join to remove the Andromo ads.
  • Yep, he's right. Just rebuild your apps. And double check your ad settings.
  • Thanks guys...I've done it but now just gotta wait for everyone to start updating their apps!
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